Friday, August 14, 2009

Not my first choice for fashion wear...

So Deidre wanted to take a shower, rather than face my "leet" Candyland skills again. Seeing as she has an IV in, the nurse wanted to wrap it in plastic to keep it dry. So she did. With a plastic grocery bag and some medical tape. Excellent solution!

After the shower when I needed to remove it to get Deidre dressed, however, the nurse was busy elsewhere, so I wandered down to the nurses' desk to ask for a pair of scissors.

As I round the corner to there, I see a young girl (16-18) walking toward me followed by two other girls of the same age range. The first girl is clearly a patient, as she is not only wearing a sweats/johnny-gown/bathrobe combo, but she is also pushing one of those rolling IV hanger stands to which she is attached.

"Sorry!", she calls out to me, as I stop and take a step back to make way for her and her entourage.

"No problem," I assure her. "Take your time."

She lets out a little giggle as she approaches me. "Well, it's not like I can walk very fast like this..." and she lifts her foot up behind her as she passes, revealing the fact that she hobbled by, well, foot cuffs very much like the picture accompanying this post.

I blink at them and at her as she let's out another giggle and heads down the hallway to her room. I glance at her companions, but they are avoiding making eye contact with me.

Very odd.

I wonder if she's under house arrest or something like that, or if she's got them on due to being a psych patient. In any case, regardless of if she's a criminal or a lunatic, why is she on a kid's floor (this floor is for toddlers thru teens) wearing leg-irons?

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