Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Nice sunrise

This morning had a gorgeous sunrise over Boston. Unfortunately, I can't take pictures while riding my motorcycle. The eastern horizon had a ragged line of clouds, so the potential for a good sunrise was high. I was tempted to bring my good camera, but with a chance of rain in the afternoon, I decided against it. But when I exited Storrow Drive at Copley, this was a view of the Hancock building that I couldn't pass up. Too bad the camera on the G1 isn't better.

Speaking of riding in, I finally bought a riding jacket and gloves with Kevlar, along with raingear. Now I just need some saddlebags and windshield and I'll be set. I'm thinking about a road trip to either my 20th college reunion this year, or my 25th high school reunion next year. MA to IL and back. That could be fun.

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