Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Perceptions of reality

For literally years now, we have been struggling to get Deidre to flush the toilet after she has used it. Her excuse has always been that she didn't know if anyone was taking a shower.

Now, during the day, I can understand that concern, especially as when she was first learning how to use the toilet, she did in fact flush the toilet while I was in the shower which resulted in much consternation on both our parts. Indeed, because of that very incident, I've been reluctant to really push the issue, since I was the proximate cause of her phobia.

But even when we said to her that we didn't  understand why she left it unflushed at her occaisional bathroom visits at 4:00 AM, the behavior continued.

Again, we didn't push the issue, as due to her propensity for UTIs, having a rather rank toilet bowl in the morning has been the first indicator for many, if not all, of her UTIs.

Needless to say, this propensity has provided me with fodder for exchanging anecdotes about kids with my commuting acquaintances.  However, recently, while relating this tale, a funny thought occurred to me.

What if Deidre didn't realize that the "dangers" of flushing a toilet were confined to the house?

It took a few days to remember to ask her, during which I relayed my suspicions to Fiona after Deidre had fallen asleep.

"No, that's not it," was her reaction.

However, when I finally asked her, the look of comprehension on her face was priceless.

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