Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Emma's Version of Romeo & Juliet

Cleaning in the great room today, I came across a "script" taped to the Barbie castle, surrounded by all the polly princesses destined to play the roles.  Emma is our habitual writer (heaven help us if she starts blogging), so it was no surprise to find that she had written her own version of Romeo:

Juliet:  "Oh Romeo, how I love thou so"
Romeo:  "Oh Juliet your feelings are ever SO returned!"
J:  "Oh Romeo you can never leave me my love"
R:  'Why should I ever do such a terrible deed?"
J:  "Oh Romeo don't you feel like we are hiding this from our parents?"
R:  "You are right Juliet, they must know"
J:  "Let them know; let the world know!"
Juliet's Dad:  "Juliet, Romeo is not good enough for you"
Juliet's Mom:  "Oh Harold, give our daughter a break"
Romeo's Mom:  "Oh no son, you can NOT be serious!"
Romeo's Dad:  "She is only a peasant"
RM:  "Shhhh!  She will hear you James"
RD:  "Oh calm down Debra and listen to me"
JM:  "No!  Listen to me!  Our children are happy, let them be!  They were meant for each other."
JD:  "Oh Honey they just can't be together"
J:  "Oh please father I do love Romeo"
R:  "And I love Juliet"
J:  "God bye Romeo"
R:  "What Juliet...Nooooooooooooooooooooooo"

(Juliet kills herself)

Crowd gasps

Romeo kills himself.

The End

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  1. Romeo and Juliet aren't too bad. We should start to worry if she starts re-enacting Titus Andronicus.