Saturday, December 25, 2010

Only one casualty so far...

While I have taken the last two weeks in December as vacation, ostensibly this is a working vacation, primarily focused on processing firewood.

Earlier in the week I dropped one oak tree with a diameter of about 3" at the base and about 75" tall. That is a story all its own. Verizon owns an easement through our property on which they run a phone line. For years we have asked them to come drop a few trees that threatened their lines and their only response has been "if it takes down the line, then we'll come repair it".  So I dropped the tree this week. I thought there was a small chance it would miss, but I was wrong.  The top branches just brushed it and the line was yanked off one of the poles and now sits about 1" off the ground. Supposedly Verizon will come out and rehang it, but they've missed one appointment already, so we'll see how that goes.

Anyway, after Santa presents were opened this morning and a lazy morning was enjoyed by all, I spent the afternoon splitting the wood harvested so far from the aforementioned tree.  Since I have my log splitter raised up on car ramps for general splitting this winter, I decided to just split the 3" sections into 8ths and then finish them on the log splitter.

Unfortunately, I missed on one swing and shattered the handle of the sledgehammer. I may be mistaken, but I do believe that my dad gave me that sledgehammer, and I have many fond memories of using it to flatten aluminum cans in my youth. No worries though; I will replace the handle and it keep on serving me. The Magners was not responsible for the miss; I waited until after all sledgehammer work was done before cracking open the first one.

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